Welcome to our apartment database. This part of our website will always be pretty up-to-date, we want to keep people aware of what is open, becoming open, or coming soon!

Our apartment options as of now are two bedroom, five bedroom, and one 4 bedroom home. This is all listed next to leased or open to make sure people inquire about the correct apartment they are looking for


2 Bedroom Units:

 1310 #1 AVAILABLE

 1310 #2 LEASED

 5 Bedroom Units:

1310 #3 LEASED

 1310 #4 AVAILABLE

 1310 #5 LEASED

 1316 #1 LEASED

 1316 #2 LEASED

 1320 #1 LEASED

 1320 #2 LEASED

 1324 #1 LEASED

 1324 #2 LEASED

 1328 #1 LEASED

 1328 #2 LEASED

As you can see, we have leased most of spaces already, but we are continuing to grow out the reach of our business. Spaces are on a one year lease, and we will continue to update the status of the apartments we currently have now if they happen to open up. I you have any specific questions about these apartments, reach us at (701) 250-8557.

"I recently moved into an apartment owned by Bobby's Pad and I am so happy with my decision. I had a bad experience with my old landlords, and it has been so easy to work with the Schumachers. They helped me move in as I am far from home and don't know a lot of people in the area. They really care about their tenants and the apartments are great!" -Lisa

From the quote above, you can see that we create close relationships with our tenants and care about their experience. We like to have fun, and want you to enjoy living in our spaces. We offer many different sizes and variations of rooms, as you can see to the right. Contact us to lease today, and we'd be happy to help you out.