About Bobby's Pad

Apartment ExamplesHello! We first want to thank you for stopping by our page. We -- well first I guess I should explain who we are... We meaning My husband and I, Jeff and Doreen Schumacher -- are so excited that you are intrested in any of our uniquely rennovated apartments. We got into the apartment business in 2002 after flipping houses primarily for ourselves, but we decided to change up the game. We chose this funky name after our son, Bobby passed away in 2001, so we know it sounds a little goofy!

Our goal is to provide unique living spaces for people in the Bismarck-Mandan area. We are always up to renovating something and always looking for new property to flip for our tenants. It’s our mission to offer up-to date housing that has style and not your average white wall apartment.

We are available 24/7 for our tenants. We want to make all of our tenants happy and if something goes wrong, unlike a normal landlord, we are willing to run down and fix it ASAP.

Keep up with us, go check up our blog! The link is in our header up above!

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