Affordable Renting Community

A great place to rent from with units that are uniquely renovated with modern style.

Reasons to Rent

Great Locations

Apartments are centrally located in interesting landscapes. Many different locations to choose from come and take your pick!

Great Style

Modernized and rennovated to lavish styles, each apartment units has its own diverse look, we have hundreds of apartments to choose from!

Great Prices

Each lease we give our customers is on a flexible contract that works great for both us and our customers. We can work it out. We are cool like that.

Great Landlords

A family-owned business, we have personally inspected and rennovated each apartment to live up to our customers standards providing pur personal numbers to fit all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are centrally located in the state capital of Bismark, North Dakota, where we have most of our apartments, but care continuing to expand out to other parts of North Dakota.

Can we be trusted?

This is a family owned business. We meet each and every person, even looking into our rentals. We want a relationship with our tennants.

How long are the leases?

We are flexible with pur leases, thats whats great about bobby's pad. We understand your needs and cater to them.

Where and how is rent paid each month?

EASY! We make it simple, We come get it. Rent is hand-picked up by us in check form.